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Updated March 2022

Weddings are back!  Music is back! And we couldn't be happier!

A New Normal.

Though your original wedding plans may have taken on new life in consideration of the last couple of years ever changing landscape, we hope you are enjoying your planning and looking forward to an even better and more intentional big day.


Offering daytime entertainment as is our niche, means it is possible for us to perform at your wedding ceremony in pretty much the exact way we would have in the good old pre pandemic days.  Our style of entertainment if we do say so ourselves, is the perfect accompaniment to a micro wedding so if you have decided on a small wedding this year, then why not make it big in heart and good vibes.


 Our T&C’s outline our minimum performance space specifications which still apply with no amendments for our duet set ups but if you are thinking about booking more singers, we will confirm the specifics over email.


Head over to our weddings page and check out our Virtual Choir video of the highly emotive "Blinded By Your Grace" by Stormzy.

This video is an example of what a popular song specially arranged by us sounds like. 


Did you know that you can also book our acoustic guitar or keys players without singers?  If live music is a top priority for you but you've really paired down your day, then this could be another great alternative.


Get in touch if you'd like to hear more about how either of these options could work.


2023 & 2024 Enquiries.

Don’t wait too long to get in touch and enquire about our services for next year and 2024. Weekends as you might expect, are the most popular and many postponements are still happening from 2020.  

A word on weekend bookings…as much as a Saturday is traditionally the most ideal day to get married on, everything we know as normal, has changed, so it might now be worth seriously considering a weekday wedding. 

If we're busy, then so too are a lot of other suppliers and if you want the suppliers you LOVE, then having them on a Thursday rather than a Saturday is, in our opinion, a small price to pay.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU is that we will never turn up to your wedding or event if we are under the weather, have a cough or a temperature.  


If you look at our T&C’s again you’ll see that we “cannot guarantee the presence of any specific band members or singer at the event.  All band members and singers are subject to change without notice.”  But rest assured that whoever we book to sing for you is the best of the best.  If you’d like a reminder of the beautiful female voices that we work with (you know you do!) head to our IG page and check out our most recent performance at

Most Curious Wedding Fair.


We hope this info has been helpful and we are only a phone call or an email away if you’d like to talk about anything in more detail. Know that we are open to flexible options and will do our utmost to provide you with the live music service that you have envisioned.  

Until then let us never stop connecting and celebrating LOVE in every way we can.


 Gemma and Kelly x

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