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Why you should plan your wedding with intention.

So, you’re engaged - congratulations!!! I’m sure your emotions have been at an all-time high until it dawned on you how much planning there is to do. All of a sudden you can’t really tell whether you’re feeling elated, nervous, overwhelmed, or an amalgamation of all those emotions and probably a whole lot more!

That’s why I’m so passionate about intentional wedding planning and I’m so thrilled that you want to weave intention into your big day - trust me, it makes all the difference.

I’m here to remind you first and foremost, to take a deep breath. Weddings are stressful as it is so don’t sweat the small stuff or add any unnecessary layers of worry onto your celebration of unification. Whether you are at the beginning of your planning journey or you have got stuck into planning already, you can still incorporate intention into your wedding planning

By the way, I’m Micaela and I’m a Documentary Wedding Photographer based in London. I believe your wedding is about more than just your photos. It's about your marriage and that's what I intend to express with every couple I work with. I wrote this list  from personal experience (I planned 3 weddings of my own!!), along with tons of second-hand experience I’ve gained from all the incredible weddings and couples I’ve had the honour of capturing.

This is why planning a wedding with intention is so important; 

1. It creates clarity.

It’s an excellent way to clarify what your day is actually about. How you want your wedding to be is up to you but a little bit of intention goes a long way in helping you find out exactly how that looks.

2. It helps you and your partner get on the same page.

Marriage certainly isn’t about agreeing on everything but it is about understanding each other. Having a discussion about what this marriage and wedding really means to you both allows you to see each other’s perspective on things you may not have before and opens the door for you to understand why certain things are important to one another. This makes planning something together a WHOLE lot easier.

3. It brings you closer.

You’re getting married to each other! I’m pretty sure this is a first for the two of you unless you are remarrying each other. It’s a new experience and it’s filled with opportunities to get to know one another better so try not get into too many tiffs over the trivial things when you could be getting to know parts of your partner you are yet to discover, how exciting!

4. It gives your planning process a foundation that you can lean on.

Getting lost in the rabbit hole of planning is a real thing! But, when you’ve started strong and you know what it’s all for, you can continuously pull yourself back to the basics and remind yourself what your purpose is for the big day. You’ll find that it’s probably not as much about having perfect napkins as much as it is about having each other.

5. It shines through on your wedding day.

Planning with intention is not just about what you want your wedding to look like, it’s more about what you want it to feel like. You know when you walk into someone’s home and you are immediately engulfed in a homey and welcoming energy that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? The same happens at weddings- when you plan with intention, people can truly sense the authenticity on the day. People will feel the intention that you have set for your wedding, so don’t skip this part! It’s important.

You really and truly deserve a wedding only you could have. So, hopefully these tips will help you do that. Happy planning!


We hope you enjoyed this guest blog from Micaela Karina. Planning your wedding with intention speaks to our hearts. We wholeheartedly believe in helping to create a day that is all about the feels and this can 100% be achieved by planning with intention. Big thanks to Micaela for sharing her voice and her ideas on our page.

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