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Our 5 TOP TIPS for choosing your wedding entertainment.

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

The sheer amount of choice when it comes to picking your wedding entertainment is as vast as the ocean. From Barbershop Quartets to Gospel Choirs, acoustic duos to 15 piece bands, there is truly a wide range of music services on offer, to cater to the diverse and multi-cultured world we live in. (hallelujah to that!) But we don't blame you for feeling a little intimidated by the sea of varying options, so thought we'd offer our 10 pence in the hope of helping you on your way.


As with all the suppliers you choose for your wedding day, you should get good vibes from your music supplier - and we don't just mean from the music. It's a given that the band you choose should play the music you like to hear and play it well - but what impression have they made on you in that first email or call?

Have they followed up with you since your enquiry and have you enjoyed connecting with them on a personal level? Now that might sound a bit airy fairy to you? But if you've researched 5 different bands that all offer a 6 piece for your evening entertainment and advertise set lists and quotes that are similar in style and price range, then how do you make your final choice?

For us, it's all about the vibe they put out there and this isn't to do with what they are trying to sell you but instead about how they make you feel. Are you looking forward to talking with them again (and again) about the small but important details of your day in regards to your music and do you come away feeling a bit special? Your music suppliers should in many ways feel like an extension of your friendship circle, if you're going to have them around you on one of the most important days of your life.


Have you considered having more than 1 music supplier? 

By the time your big day arrives it is likely that you have spent a year or more of your time scrolling through wedding blogs, flicking through page after page of bridal editorials, visited numerous wedding shows and even picked up some new DIY skills.  This is all time very well spent to make your big day everything you ever dreamt of, so if there is ever a time to splash some cash, the time is now and if you are true music lovers - then why not?  

Close your eyes and imagine our small ensemble of heartfelt female only vocalists singing you down the aisle to your all time favourite love song.  This moment, we think, is the most important of the day because of the promise you are about to make to one another and of course because of that dress!! Why should it not have its own personalized music? Once that register has been signed, it's time to pop champagne and get the party started with your evening entertainment.  

Perhaps a DJ playing everything from Groove is in the heart by Dee-Lite to Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon or a Funk, Soul and Motown inspired live band singing those classics that never go out of style. Whatever your flavour, indulge it to the fullest and leave your magical day with sore feet from dancing the night away.


There's nothing worst then finally deciding what you want and then finding out it's not available, so don't snooze on booking your music supplier. The best bands get booked up months and even years in advance and given that the vast majority of people opt to get married in the summer months, it makes sense to get in there quickly with who you like. Most bands, including us, work on an installments payment plan, so booking right away doesn't necessarily mean forking out the full amount. You can often pay a deposit to secure your booking and pay the remainder closer to your big day.


We all love a little perk; it sweetens the deal so look out for bands that perhaps offer something a little extra. One of our unique selling points is that when booking our Ceremony Entertainment Packages we give you 1 song choice that is entirely up to you. We know how important the walk down that aisle is for our stunning brides, so having the option for it to be accompanied by your all time favourite song is our way of making this moment as special and unique as can be. We also offer an extra special service that allows our clients to have their aisle song recorded in a studio by us to keep as a lifelong memento of this very special day. Download our events brochure for more information.


This isn't the easiest thing to do as wedding bands generally only perform for private events, so it shouldn't be a deal breaker. However, do still enquire if they are perhaps doing a showcase for prospective new clients or appearing at upcoming wedding shows. This is a fantastic way to 'try before you buy' and to also meet band members and connect with them in person before taking the plunge and booking them. This also makes meeting them again on your big day a lovely little reunion. Catch Songbird Sessions at the modern and diversity championing Nu Bride, The Wedding Show on 5th and 6th April 2019 at Camden House, London. We are super excited to be a part of the main stage entertainment for this pioneering event and brand led by the incomparable Nova Reid. Book your tickets today and please come and find us to say hello!

Happy planning!

Gemma and Kelly x

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